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Released as part of a Neo Action double bill with Tsujimoto Takanori's Hard Revenge, Milly, Kaneko Isao's The Masked Girl follows the giddy action adventures of a high school superheroine called upon to battle supreme evil. On the way home from school one day, high school girl Hoshino Ai (Shimizu Yuki) gets kidnapped by an evil crime organization called Joker, led by devil incarnate Black Maria (Sato Aiko). Ai manages to escape with the help of teacher Aoyama (Kida Tsuyoshi), but realizes she's gained superhero powers after being genetically modified by Joker. She reveals her problems to friend Yumi (Nakamura Shizuka), only to discover that Yumi also been genetically modified and brainwashed to serve Joker. Friends become foes as Ai is forced to fight Yumi, but that's only the beginning of the battle. To take down Black Maria and Joker, Ai must trade in her sailor skirt for superheroine threads, and become The Masked Girl!

The Masked Girl (2009)[PART1]

The Masked Girl (2009)[PART2]

The Masked Girl (2009)[PART3]

The Masked Girl (2009)[PART4]

The great events of the war of the ring are about to unfold and the priority for Strider and Gandalf is to keep the Ring secret. Sauron is preparing to unleash his armies and Gollum is creeping around Middle Earth with crucial knowledge of the Ring's location. He must be found

The Hunt For Gollum (2009) - DVDRip MKV - [Multi Host]

skrg aku lak nk share gan korang movie .emmm rasanya dh lama kuar tapi bagi yg x download agi cepar sedut bende nih kualiti 100% gambar clear

Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak (2009)[mediafire][P1]

Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak (2009)[mediafire][P2]

Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak (2009)[mediafire][P3]

cita yang ditunggu dh keluar jom layan cite ni tq to uploader kerana sudi share cite ni

After the success of "KL Menjerit" by Badaruddin Azmi, we can watch yet another movie about illegal motor racing. "Bohsia: Jangan Pilih Jalan Hitam" is the second movie directed by Syamsul Yusof after "Evolusi KL Drift". The title of the movie may make the wrong headlines but Syamsul is trying to let people out there know what are the reasons behind that particular social problem and also to give out some advice on the matter.

This movie revolves around two teenagers, Amy (Salina Saibi) and Tasha (Nabila Huda) who get involved with illegal motor racing and fall victim to human greed because of the lack of religious education and love at home.

This movie starts with Tasha and Amy's scene, where they hang around Dataran Merdeka surrounded by many mat rempit. At the same time, a group of mat rempit drive dangerously on the road. Almost all the action scenes in this movie are effective. However there is such a thing as overdoing it. Good thing the background score is good (like in the beginning) and also very fitting with the scenes that we watch.

One thing for sure, Salina and Nabila's acting are really good in this movie. Kudos to them for successfully portraying bohsia with a degree of authenticity. We should praise them for their courage for agreeing to the roles. Shaheizy Sam feature film debut as Acai is also decent. However, there is something amiss with Syamsul's acting. Maybe it is because his appearance is pretty neat in this movie, as if Syamsul is an elite mat rempit.

We know Syamsul is trying to send a 'good' message to the audience - but how many more movies about the mat rempit should we be making? The stunts shown in this movie are so impressive that they may in fact result in even more people being interested in this social phenomenon.








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